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Hakhu in The News


This Organization sells beautiful products made by indigenous women artisans from the Ecuadorian Amazon. The money earned from the sales of handmade jewelry and accessories provides sustainable income for families while also contributing to positive social and environmental change. Hakhu operates in four areas: education, health, the generation of sustainable income and advocacy.

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The Amazon rainforest devastation leads to a loss of culture, language and land sovereignty. Fossil fuel extraction and deforestation destroyed the environment of the people who live there. With the intention of create alternative sources of income, the Hakhu Project provides an outlet to establish and support the livelihoods of the indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon, while at the same time they contribute to the cultural restoration of traditional art.

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The biggest problem faced in the Ecuadorian Amazon is the exploitative extraction of natural resources by the fossil fuel industry. This leads to aggressive deforestation and, ultimately, the displacement of indigenous communities and loss of autonomy over their livelihoods. The Hakhu Project is an indigenous-led organization that supports community-based initiatives as a way to generate positive social change while protecting indigenous territories and the planet.

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