Our ancestors protected our sacred lands for us. Now is the time to follow their footsteps. It is time for us to listen to their whispers that the wind carries when she sweeps past and to the cries of our Mother Nature.


We are indigenous Kichwa youth from the Amazon region in Ecuador. We have decided to follow the path of our ancestors and elders. All of us grew up in the Ecuadorian Amazon and continued our studies abroad. We have all been involved in indigenous rights in different ways in our local communities as well as the global community. Our vision of the future is guided by values that were taught to us by our grandparents and older generations with a deep relationship to nature.


Indigenous people have been protecting the Amazon and fighting climate change by keeping the oil in the ground long before the governments raised the topic and long before the Paris Agreement. Thanks to the sacrifices and our sufferings, the oil is still in the ground in many parts of the world. This is our contribution to the world.



For this, our governments have painted us up as terrorists, violent people, our communities have been militarized, our leaders have received death threats and our men have been beaten, tortured and imprisoned. But we will not stop fighting, because our entire livelihood depends on nature.




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