Hahku, which means let’s go in Kichwa, is an indigenous runned organization dedicated to promote sustainable development projects and the protection and defense of indigenous peoples territories in the Amazon.

Our mission is to empower, strengthen, and defend indigenous communities in order to preserve our rainforests and ancestral knowledge for future generations.

-Support community based initiatives as an alternative to fossil fuel extraction

-Empower indigenous voices drive forest protection locally and internationally

- Use the power of storytelling to shift individual limitations, engender our collective awakening

Our first project jointly with Hakhu Women’s  Association  launched Hakhu Amazon Design which has generated artisanal capacity for more than 200 indigenous women from different nations across three provinces in the Ecuadorian Amazon, creating jobs and providing income for families and their children who now face less pressure to leave their territories in search of employment.


Hakhu Amazon Design has now launched three collections, combining traditional and contemporary art and has been featured in major outlets locally and internationally. Hakhu has supported and organized indigenous delegations to key international events to voice indigenous peoples perspectives, indigenous peoples have often been left out of crucial decisions that determine the fate of the natural resources on which our ancestral lands reside, rendering our incomes and overall livelihoods particularly vulnerable to the impacts of deforestation and colonization. Members of our delegations have been featured in major international outlets such as Al jazeera, The Guardian, Democracy Now among others.